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The story is set in Globia, a futuristic genetically engineered US city.

Genetically modified products and enhancement technologies ensure that all humans are born with perfect features and never ever get sick. There is no crime since criminals and deviants are fed smart drugs.
This is a perfect society giving the illusion of great harmony.

But life is about to change for Wolfgang a young researcher who has unearthed secret data that threatens the very existence of Globia.

He must escape to the Fringes and then return to complete his mission.
As he is hounded by killer robots he is brought closer to the young woman, Renata, whom he falls in love with.
This enduring love will help him overcome the most challenging aspects of his life.

This work takes you on a roller coaster ride into the world of cloning, enhancement technologies and artificial intelligence..

Finally Wolfgang must confront his destiny in the inner sanctum of the super intelligent machine that insinuates itself into his life.
Published: Booktango on
ISBN: 9781468910537
List price: $2.99
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