About LGBTQIA+ Fiction

LGBTQ+ Fiction has its roots in gay literature and, later, lesbian literature, two genres of fiction that centered around the gay and lesbian experience. Although the varied and changing queer identies have always been present in society, these experiences were not always visible in popular fiction or genre work. With the dark history of alienation, arrest, and death for acts of queer expression and love, the works made by queer authors of the past were either muffled or, more often, lost.

Now that such works are not illegal in most countries, there has been an explode of explicitly queer work. As more and more authors, both out, not out, and not specified as LGBTQ+ themselves, engage with queer characters, LGBTQ+ works become as varied as the many other subgenres of Fiction. Young Adult LGBTQ+ books, such as Red, White, And Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, LGBTQ+ memoirs, such as The Groom Will Keep His Name: And Other Vows I've Made About Race, Resistance, and Romance by Matt Ortile, and Adult Satire, such as Zipper Mouth by Laurie Weeks, are a few ways in which LGBTQ+ Fiction has spread across genres to exemplify the mutliplicty of queer stories and voices.