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ReadMeQPST Version 2.7 10 October 2013 This readme covers important information concerning QPST 2.7. Table of Contents 1. Installation notes 2. Known issues 3. Additional software notices 4. Release notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. INSTALLATION NOTES Install by running setup.exe, NOT the msi file. Setup.exe will resolve run-time library dependencies and then run the msi file for you. When installing QPST, the installing user may need administration privileges. QPST no longer installs or runs on Win95, Win98, WinNT, or Win2K. You MUST use the QUALCOMM USB device driver or a QPST compatible device driver on your PC if you wish to use QPST with a USB port. When used with QPST, other drivers can cause your PC to hang when you reset or disconnect the mobile. You will have to restart your PC to recover. Or you may find that the phone disappears from the QPST configuration when it resets, and not reappear until you restart QPST. -------
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