Biology, Chapter Three, Notes
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Clarkson, Group Imago
Geometry Notes, Chapter Four, Congruent Triangles
Notes on the Emergence Theory
Study Notes on U.S. Law
Mubarak Abdessalami
Paragraph Writing
Motion Mountain - vol. 1 - Fall, Flow and Heat - The Adventure of Physics
Mubarak Abdessalami
Animal Idioms
Foundations of Information Systems in Business
AP Biology Ecology Lab
Competing with Information Technology
Database Resource Management
Telecommunications and Networks
Introduction to e-Business Systems
Enterprise e-Business Systems
Electronic Commerce Systems
Business Support Systems
Developing Business/IT Strategies
Developing Business/IT Solutions
Security and Ethical Challenges
Enterprise and Global Management of Information Technology
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
The Giant World History Study Guide of Doom
Content-addressable memory (CAM) circuits and architectures
A low-power content-addressable memory (CAM) using pipelined hierarchical search scheme
A soft-error tolerant content-addressable memory (CAM) using an error-correcting-match scheme