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MCWP 3-35.6 Desert Operations
MCRP 3-02E Understanding and Surviving Terrorism
FM 5-104 General Engineering
P 381-11 Viet Cong Boobytraps
FM 3-34.2 Combined Arms Breaching Operations
FM 31-20-5 Special Reconnaissance Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures for Special Forces
FM 21-60 Visual Signals
FM 7-40 Scout Dog Training and Employment 1973
FM 6-02.72 Tactical Radios
MCWP 3-11.3 Scouting and Patrolling
Chad Lange
Food Shock
Survival Preparedness Must Have This Manual
14685488 Security Survival and Freedom Are in Question
13062045 Marines Combat Water Survival
16703751 Usmc Winter Survival
Survival Thinking
5 Dollar a Week Food Storage Plan
Chad Lange
Disaster Plan
Chad Lange
Making Soap
Medical Tact. Fm4 02 6
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