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Human-Wildlife Conflict, Unequal Knowledge and the Failure to Conserve the Zanzibar Leopard (Panthera pardus adersi)
Variability and Compounding of Affixes in Hehe Animal Names (Tanzania)
Zanzibar’s Recently Discovered Servaline Genet
Elephant Shrews and Arrow Poison
The Ritual Sacrifice of Pangolins among the Sangu of South-west Tanzania
The Mammals of Zanzibar and Pemba
The Zanzibar Leopard between Science and Cryptozoology
The Zanzibar Leopard – Dead or Alive?
Bukusu Ethnozoology (Mammals)
Mbeere Hunting, Trapping and Fishing
A Preliminary Glossary of Ethnoveterinary Knowledge and Practices in Mbeere (draft)