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30 books hand-picked by Vegan Future

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Coloring Book
Vegan Starter Kit for Teens
It's Easy to Be Dairy-free
The Young Person's Guide to Veganism
Cute Cow Comic [PETA]
A Chicken's Life - PETA Comic
Vegetarian-friendly books for children and parents
Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers
Veggie Health for Kids
Don't offer my child milk at school
Vegetarian Diets for Pregnancy
Safeguard your children’s health with a vegan diet
Healthy school dinners and lunch boxes
Vegetarian Diets for Children
5 Reasons to Veg Out!
Snappy Veggie Cooking Guide
Help your kids build better bones
Vegan Babies & Children
Guide to Healthy School Meals for Grades K-12
Factory farming is revolting
Vegan Future
Nutrition for Kids
Veganize Your School
Bringing Up a Vegan Baby
Tips for Parents of Vegans
Vegetarian Diets for Children
Vegan Recipes for Kids
Nutrition for Your Kids
I'm Not Dinner (Vegan Comic)
Vegan Future
A Rat's Life