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Software development proces 2
Marvin Njenga
Extreme Programming
Sess 7 PISO Prior Reading
Dynamic Systems Development Method
Marvin Njenga
Marvin Njenga
xp tips
Out of Topic(Nairobi's Dopiest Public transport Vehicles)
Marvin Njenga
ICS 2202 Chapter 3
Marvin Njenga
ICS 2202 Chapter 1
Marvin Njenga
ICS 2202 Chapter 2
Groupware Applications
Multimedia and Multi-modal
Marvin Njenga
See heim
BIT 2305 -6[3]- Windowing Systems)
BIT 2305 Lecture 2b Interaction Stlyes
Marvin Njenga
Chap 1] User Suport
Chap 06[2] Principles
Chap 10[1] Universal Design
Chap- 06[2]- Screen Layout and Design
User Centered Design and Other Philosophies