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2987 May 2, 2007 In time, all will change and each of you will need to be strong in your faith
2988 May 7, 2007 I say to my children, remain prayerful, for this is your armor to keep evil away
2989 May 9, 2007 You will be persecuted for living these messages, but in the end, you will have eternal joy
2990 May 14, 2007 Time is short, extremely short, so pray each new day
2991 May 18, 2007 I come to remind my children to be faithful to daily Mass, Confession, Holy Communion, prayer and fasting
2992 May 21, 2007 Each of you take part in healing Jesus wounds when you gather and pray
2993 May 24, 2007 This is the time to pray, hope and move forward with joy in your heart