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17.2000.JNM103 Surface fractal computation and its application to immunofluorescent histochemical studies of calpain and calpastatin in PC12 cells. Authors
15.1999.CBM29 Determining the Hurst exponent of fractal time series and its application to electrocardiographic analysis. Authors
09.1993.CBR26 Derivation of a scale-independent parameter which characterizes genetic sequence comparisons. Authors
18.2001.EJP427 The time-course of electrocardiographic interbeat interval dynamics in alcoholic subjects after short-term abstinence. Authors
13.1997.JN68 Calcium-activated neutral protease activity is decreased in PC12 cells after ethanol exposure. Author
21.2002.BP63 Ritonavir inhibition of calcium-activated neutral proteases. Authors
19.2001.NSL311 Inhibition of rat PC12 cell calpain activity by glutathione, oxidized glutathione and nitric oxide. Authors
25.2003.AA38 Serotonin tansporter polymorphism and differences in alcohol consumption in a college student population. Authors
27.AJMG133B Serotonin transporter promoter polymorphism and monoamine oxidase type A VNTR allelic variants together influence alcohol binge drinking risk in young women. Authors
23.2002.IDrugs5 Calpains - A review of the recent patent literature. Author