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Yes, I Am Going to Raise My Baby Vegan
Vegan Starter Kit for Teens
Young Veggies Guide to Vegetarianism
The Young Person's Guide to Veganism
Vegetarian-friendly books for children and parents
Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers
Plant iron is better than meat iron
Plant omega is better than fish omega
Veggie Health for Kids
Don't offer my child milk at school
Vegetarian Diets for Pregnancy
Safeguard your children’s health with a vegan diet
Healthy school dinners and lunch boxes
Vegetarian Diets for Children
Health concerns about dairy products
Understanding Lactose Intolerance
Plant oils are better than fish oil
Vegan Recipes for School Lunch Programs
Help your kids build better bones
Soya-Based Infant Formula
Vegan Babies & Children
Bringing Up a Vegan Baby
Tips for Parents of Vegans
Breast Milk is Healthiest
Vegetarian Diets for Children
I'm Not Dinner (Vegan Comic)