Material on Philippine AR

16 books hand-picked by J. O. M. Salazar

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ThompsonMR - Off the Endangered List Philippine Democratization in Comparative Perspective
AbinalesPN - Filipino Communism in the Fin de Siecle
AquinoBA Ed - Presidential Leadership and Cory Aquino
BernasJG - Agrarian Reform
GildingS - Agrarian Reform and Counter-Reform Under the Aquino Administration
JavatedeDiosA Et Al - Appendices From Dictatorship and Revolution
PutzelJ - A Captive Land the Politics of Agrarian Reform in the Philippines
Agrarian Reform in the Philippines
J. O. M. Salazar
DAR History
ReyesCM - Impact of Agrarian Reform on Poverty
TörnquistO - Democratic Empowerment and Democratisation of Politics
AllenJ - Agrarian Tendencies in the Philippines
DAR Memorandum Order 04-2005
J. O. M. Salazar
Policy Issuances Related to CARP
JuicoPE - Agrarian Reform Revisited