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What Do You Call It When...
Once Upon a Time Analysis Cloze Version
Robert Frost - The Road Not Taken
How do the writers of Mid-Term Break and Once Upon a Time Explore the Ways in which people conceal or show their emotions
William Burn
15b - At Grass
William Burn
15a - At Grass
14 - I Shall Paint My Nails Red
William Burn
13 - Warning
William Burn
11b - Still I Rise
12 - The Road Not Taken
William Burn
11 - Still I Rise
10C - Not My Best Side
10b - Not My Best Side - Image 2
10a - Not My Best Side - Image 1
9b - Once Upon a Time
8a - An Unknown Girl
7b - Mid-Term Break
7a - Mid-Term Break
William Burn
6b - Digging
William Burn
5b - Follower
William Burn
5a - Follower
William Burn
4 - The Barn
3b - Death of a Naturalist
3a - Death of a Naturalist
2b - Miracle on St David's Day Continued)
2a - Miracle on St David's Day
1c - Useful Terminology
1b Assessment Objectives