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Factors Determining the Performance of Early Stage High-Technology Venture Capital Funds – A Review of the Academic Literature
Brochure WIPO SME Intell Property
Dossier Sulle Politiche Di Innovazione 2008 (ITA)
European Innovation Scoreboard Comparative Analysis 2008 Final Report
ITC E-Trade Bridge Network Symposium Geneva, December
European Innovation Report Programme 2008
Innovazione industriale e competitività Francia Germania Regno Unito Spagna e Stati Uniti-IPI-(ITA)
SME-IP 1st Report Support Services in the Field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for SMEs in Switzerland
Intellectual Property support to SME WIPO
Workshop Skills and Innovation
Rapporto Innovazione CRC 2006
Migliorare le politiche di Ricerca e Innovazione per le Regioni
Secrets of Intellectual Property - a guide for SMEs
Inventing the future - an introduction to patents for Smes
Making a mark - An Introduction to Trademarks for SMEs
Supporting Business Environment Reforms 2008
TrendChart - Innovation Policy in Europe 2004
European innovation scoreboard 2004
IPRs and innovation in SMEs
Intelligent Energy e-library of tools and guidebooks on Renewable Energy
Intelligent Energy e-library of tools and guidebooks on Energy Efficiency in Industry
Renewable energy in buildings - Make your building smile
Energy-efficient transport - Green mobility on the move
Energy education - Changing their habits in our lifetime
Sustainable Energy Communities - Common actions for common goals
Energy efficiency in industry - Lightening the energy load
Enterprise Europe Network - Your business is our business
Intelligent energy - news review - In the spotlight - Energy-efficient buildings
Intelligent energy news review - In the spotlight - Sustainable energy in your city 2005
Change, innovation and distribution - Social, political and economic trends and threats
EQUAL opportunities for all
Art&Science - Creative Fusion
International public health symposium on environment and health research
Practical guide to EU funding opportunities for research and innovation
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