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Procedures for Notification of Certification Bodies for Chain of Custody and Forest Management Certification
Procedures for Issuance of PEFC Logo Use Licenses
GLI 4/2007, Internal Rules for the PEFC Registration System
PEFC ST 2003-2012 - CB Requirements (Chain of Custody)
Group Forest Management Certification (PEFC ST 1002
Sustainable Forest Management (PEFC ST 1003
Standard Setting (PEFC ST 1001
PEFC Logo Usage Rules (PEFC ST 2001
PEFC Requirements for Certification Bodies operating Forest Management Certification (PEFC ST 1004
Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products - Requirements (PEFC ST 2002-2013)
GL 2/2011 - Requirement Checklist
GL 6/2006 - PEFC Notification of Certification Bodies Operating Chain of Custody Certification in Countries without a PEFC National Governing Body
PEFC International
PEFC Technical Document
GL 8/2008 - Involvement of the Panel of Experts in the Endorsement of National Forest Certification Schemes
Annex 1 - Terms and Definitions
Annex 2 - Rules for Standard Setting
Annex 3 - Basis for Certification Schemes and their Implementation
Annex 4 - Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products - Requirements
Annex 6 - Certification and Accreditation Procedures
PEFC ST 1003200x ED SFM Requirements Part 2 Tropical Forests
Social Requirements in Chain of Custody Certification
PEFC International
PEFC ST 1003200x Part1 ED 1
PEFC International
PEFC ST 1001200x ED 1