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Saving Item Queries R12
Exporting Quality Results_SPD
Viewing Quality Results by Serial Number_SPD
Viewing Quality Results by Lot Number_SPD
Viewing Descriptive Statistics_SPD
Viewing Collection Plans_SPD
Viewing Collection Plan Results_SPD
Viewing Collection Elements_SPD
Viewing Attachments SPD
Viewing and Deleting Action Log Entries_SPD
Using the Quality Results ReportWriter_SPD
Updating Quality Results_SPD
Updating Parent-Child Collection Plans_SPD
Updating Collection Import Records_SPD
Updating and Deleting Quality Results_SPD
Updating and Deleting Collection Plans_SPD
Running Standard Quality Reports_SPD
Recording Nonconformances SPD
Performing Skip Lot Inspections_SPD
Inquiring on Parent-Child Plan Results_SPD
Inquiring on Parent-Child Collection Plans_SPD
Importing Quality Results Data_SPD
Granting Collection Plan Privileges_SPD
Finding Specifications SPD
Finding Skip Lot Inspections_SPD
Finding Collection Plans_SPD
Larry Sherrod
BOM Creation
Customer Item Cross Reference