The Broomwhistle Chronicles - A Fantasy/Detecti...

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Welcome to the Dwillands. A place where a curious little people have become quite powerful. They are doing business and even war in far off lands. This is not to the liking of conservative Dwill Pindby B. Broomwhistle. He prefers to administer the Broomwhistle Detective Academy for Near and Distant Relations from the quiet of his small town. Every two years Pindby graduates one student. Currently his nephew Belium Brownsea occupies that slot. Things are fine until the “hustle and bustle” of the world comes to Pindby’ s door in the form of a letter. It is from the famous Esquire Bombadas Mistleharsh. Someone has kidnapped his daughter! It is a call the old Detective can not refuse. After finding out, from the corrupt Stringle the Habadasher, that the girl has been taken by the Witch Cults Pindby and Belium march off into Montrolla – the Wild Lands. On the way the mystery deepens, not to mention the suspense, as the Gnome Glirt, a grandmaster spy and former star of the stage, and Marlon a Centaur in service to the Dwill Government add to the adventure the two Dwills find themselves drawn into.

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