Indology - How Indians knew Everything about Sc...

15 books hand-picked by nairsdocs

How Indians knew Everything about Science Astronomy Philosophy Thousands of Years before this so-called-Modern-Age of West.
And...more... About Ancient India's Most Advanced Technologies that even the Most Modern Scientist is yet to replicate....
Praying...May the Western-Modern Intellectual Fog on our minds be cleared...:-)

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Alberunis India - Vol 1
Alberunis India - Vol 2
An Introduction to Indus Writing
Language of Panchangam or Hindu Almanac – Do Stars Decide Our Fate
Difference Between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology
Sanskrit Siddhantas & Vedas
The Vimanas
Exotic Vedic Aircrafts
CA Vaibhav Maheshwari
Ramayan Proof
Ancient Indian Science of Aircrafts
Ananthram Sharma
Tantra Ahdyayana
AT2H - Science - War in Ancient India
India History Resources
Medieval India
Ancient India the Prehistoric Period