Luke is more than merely self-conscious. He is sui generis, literally believing himself into being. BEGINNER'S LUKE spans six madcap adventures that, collectively, make up the imaginary life of this lovably irreverent modern-day Walter Mitty.

This eminently readable yet highly experimental novel series has attracted a sizable international following, drawing comparisons to the "metafiction" of such contemporary writers as Tom Robbins, Jonathan Safran Foer, and Dave Eggers.

A respected New York publisher, whose authors feature a National Book Award finalist in addition to dozens of prestigious award winners, offered the author a contract (subsequently declined in favor of self-publishing) for the BEGINNER'S LUKE Series, which was selected out of a yearly “slush pile” of nearly 8,000 manuscripts—a rare and wonderful feat these days.

While titillating in the rambunctious tradition of Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac, this extraordinary literary series that has become an "underground classic” equally impresses as a work of visionary art. Luke’s signature obsessions with self, sex, satire and slapdash highlight a serious, and life-changing, point: consciousness creates. The point is there is a point to living in the imagination—for only through it can we reinvent ourselves and our world.

This hilariously picaresque novel series focused on reality creation will appeal especially to those with a sense of humor interested in manifestation, consciousness, Law of Attraction, Science of Mind, the Secret, co-creation, creativity, empowerment, and human potential. Oh, yeah. And great literature.

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