Purpura v. Sebelius

83 books hand-picked by Terry Hurlbut

Court filings in Purpura v. Sebelius, a pro se lawsuit alleging 15 reasons why HR 3590 (111th Congress) is unconstitutional.

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20110208 Court Receipt of Plaintiff Opposition Motion 20110207
20110204 Letter Judge Wolfson
20110204 Opposition to Motion to Dismiss and Request for Summary Judgment Motion Forfieture
Obamacare Unconstitutional Ruling 1/31/11
20110119 Defendants Reply to Court Order 20110404-2
Purpura et al. v. Sebelius et al. - Healthcare(Obama Eligibility) - Gov't Brief, Motion to Dismiss - 1/17/11
20110115 Court Letter Order Ruling for 20110222
20110111 Receipt Plaintiffs Rely to Defendants Anticipated Motion
20110110 Reply Affidavit to Anticipated Motions
20110110 Judge Wolfson Oral Argument Request
20110104 Judge Wolfson Ruling on DOJ STAY of 20110104
20110104 DOJ Next Request for More Time
Response to DOJ Request for STAY 20101231
Receipt of DOJ Summary Judgment Response Filing 20101230
DOJ Summary Judgment Response 20101230
Purpura v. Sebelius DOJ Summary Judgement Default Time Extension Request
Purpura v. Sibelius Summary Judgement Response 20101210
Purpura v. Sibelius Amended Summary Judgment Request 20101210
Purpura v. Sibelius Summary Judgement Request 20101209
Judge Wolfson 20101030
20101029 TRO Response
TRO Response 20101021
Purpura et al. v. Sebelius et al. - Healthcare(Obama Eligibility) - Complaint - Request For Declaratory Judgment, Trial by Jury - 9/28/10
Healthcare Bill Repeal From Eric Cantor
US President Eligibility
Isnt the Birther Movement Really About Racism
Terry Hurlbut
20110404 Letter Judge Wolfson
20110422 Opinion Supporting Dismissal of Complaint
20110422 Court Notification Letter Dismissal
20110422 Court Notification Letter Opinion
20110422 Dismissal of Complaint
20110609 Third Circuit Appeal of Wolfson Dismissal
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