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Abraham Ogden
Atrumus Parietis Libri - The Dark Book of Curse, Jinx and Spell Annihilation
Demons of the Flesh
Dragon Rouge - Degrees
Fritz Springmeier - Satanic Ritual Abuse Calendar (From Be Wise as Serpents p.200)
Fire and Ice Brotherhood of Saturn
The Project Pleroma
HAGUR - Becoming Another God
The Project Pleroma
HAGUR - Full Moon Rite
HAGUR - The Satanist Way of Dhikr
HAGUR - The Temple of Atazoth
Iblis, The Black Light - Satanism in Islam
The Project Pleroma
Infernal Tarot (OAI)
The Project Pleroma
Iron Coffin Nail Pendulum
micheal s gagliano
Kabbala for Satanists[1]
LHP Inverted Bone Cross
Lilith, Goddess and Queen of the Demons (Study on Lilith and Psychic Vampirism
The Project Pleroma
Luciferian Manifest
Lucifer, the Light of Your Deeper Self
The Project Pleroma
Ordo Baphometis (english)
The Project Pleroma
Path to Satan
Qameah of DAATH (Gate to the Qliphoth)
The Project Pleroma
Rastafarian Satanic Bible
Abraham Ogden
Sat Angelica
Satanic - Rituals, Magick, Sermons and the Kundalini Serpent
Satanic Ritualism
saturn and the occult
SSOTBME - An Essay on Magic
The Project Pleroma
Tales of the Dark Gods
Technicians Guide to the Left Hand Path
The Project Pleroma
The Book of Ashtaroth
The Black Order - Book of Wyrd
Abraham Ogden
The Demonic Bible
The Goddess Baphomet according to the Sinister Tradition
The Secret of Fire and Ice the Supplement to the Text 1995 by Michael Aquino
Frater Baphomet
The Sinister Tradition
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