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20.Decrees of the First Vatican Council
The Manner of Proceeding Against Clerics Who Keep Concubines is Prescribed
On the Invocation, Veneration and Relics of Saints and on Sacred Images
Doctrine on the Sacrifice of the Mass
Decree Touching the Symbol of Faith
Decree on the Sacraments
Decree on Justification
Decree on Communion Under Both Species and the Communion of Infants
Decree Concerning the Edition and the Use of the Sacred Books
Decree Concerning the Canonical Scriptures
Decree Concerning Purgatory
Decree Concerning Original Sin
19.the Council of Trent
Summary of the Roman Catholic Faith
Rule of the Faith Composed by Most Blessed Athanasius
On the Reform of Credit Organisations
On Printing Books
On How to Preach
Bull on Reform of the Curia
Bull Against Exempt Persons
A Short Scheme of the Seven Sacraments of the Church
A Curse Against Schismatics
18.Fifth Lateran Council 1512
17.Council of Basel-Ferrara-Florence 1431
Definitive sentence whereby Peter de Luna, pope Benedict XIII, is divested of the papacy and deprived of the faith
Sentence Condemning John Petit
Sentence Condemning Jerome of Prague
Sentence Against John Hus
Sentence against John Wyclif
16.Council of Constance 1414
15.Council of Vienne 1311
14.Second Council of Lyons
13.First Council of Lyons
11.Third Lateran Council
10.Second Lateran Council
9.First Lateran Council 1123 A
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