Alachua Ordinances and the Ordinance Scam of 2010

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In 2010 City Attorney the City to adopt, with a single vote and no prior public input, a wholesale rewriting of the City's laws. It was stated that this was a progressive move forward as the laws were replaced under the guise of being the first codification of the City's ordinances.

Nothing could have been further from the truth as evidenced herein. The ordinances were first codified in 1974 then updated several times until the last time in 1989. The 1989 codification was the law in 2010 even though as documented here it was in 2002 that the City paid for an update to its codifications. Documents herein show that Rush and Watson conspired to prevent the updates paid for from being made public until they, behind the scenes, could rewrite them to their liking without the formal process of democracy or representative government.

In fact the City denied to numerous people, even in response to a legal subpoena, that such a codification did not exist. But in December of 2006 Clovis Watson provided a copy of the City's official ordinances - which the City had previously denied existing - going back to the turn of the century. Grapski also had a copy of the 1974 codification obtained from the records of the 2002 contract for being updated. Also you can see the last (1989) codification and its initial updates in the files below - those documents obtained from the City, again without Rush's knowledge or approval, in June of 2007.

Yet with all this evidence the City still stated 2010 was the first codification.

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