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Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill
Economic Policy Institute report on Wisconsin compensation
Tea Party Leader Letter to Gov. Scott Walker
02_24_11 Letter to Wisconsin Government Accountability Board
Are Ohio Public Employees Over-Compensated?
Tea Party Sheriff Tells Tea Party The Truth On SB 5
Mike Cannon
Ohio Solidarity
Cafaro letter to Bacon
AFL CIO Good Jobs Flyer
Letter from Senator Joe Schiavoni to Senator Kevin Bacon
Schiavoni Letter to Bacon RE; Three More Hearings On SB5
No on SB 5 Faith Letter
11-03-03 Restricting the Right to Unionize and Strike!
ProgressOhio v John Kasich
Wisconsin Capital Budget Staff Recommendations, March 2011
Ohio AFL-CIO Opposition to HB159
HB 159 Letter
HB159 Opposition Letter
Wisconsin - Labor Law Stopped - Amended Order Granting TRO Temporary Restraining Order against Governor Scott Walker Budget Law 3-29-11
Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Labor Law