29th Legislature (Education_Youth_& Culture Com...

6 books hand-picked by A Renewal of VI Politics

Chair: Janette Millin-Young

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BILL No. 29-0011 (Williams_Sanes Co Hansen_Michael-Malone_Young) an Act Amending Title 17 VIC Adding Chpter 20 Prvdng for a Vol. PreK Progrm
BILL No. 29-0017 (Young) an Act of 500K of the Dept. Labor to Fund Summer Employment Opportunities for High School and College Students
BILL No. 29-0007 (Patrick Hill_Michael-Malone_Richards and Sanes_Co Young) an Act Amending Title VIC Estb. eBook Program
Bill No. 29-0160 (Nelson ) Act Act Amending title 17 VI Code to enact Agriculture in the Classroom
A Renewal of VI Politics
Bill No. 29-0107 (Youth Commission)
Bill No. 29-0160 (Agriculture in the Classroom Act)