45 books hand-picked by Mises Fan

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Ludwig von Mises Institute
The Concise Guide to Economics
Ludwig von Mises Institute
The Bastiat Collection, Volume 2
The Mystery of Banking, by Murray Rothbard
The Capitalist and and the Entrepreneur
A Libertarian Critique of Milton Friedman by Murray Rothbard
Hayek as an Ordo-Liberal
Austrian Economics - A Primer
Mises - The Last Knight of Liberalism
Lessons for the Young Economist
Middle-of-the-Road Policy Leads to Socialism
Libertarianism in a nutshell
Bourbon for Breakfast
The Left, The Right, and The State (Read in "Fullscreen")
Lew Rockwell-The United Front Against Liberty
Legalize Capitalism
Libertarian Party Platform 2010
Does Inequality Matter?
Freedom and Development
The Failure of John Maynard Keynes
Austrian School - MisesWiki
The Case for Discrimination
Programm der Partei der Vernunft
Study Guide to the Theory of Money and Credit
The Privatization of Roads
Common errors of economic, political and social debate
Elites, Intellectuals and the State
Defending the Undefendable
Intellectual Property - a Concise Guide
Antitrust - The Case for Repeal
Ludwig von Mises - a Primer
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