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Paradigm Revolution (Planning Review, 1983)
The Strategy Revolution (Strategic Planning Management, 1984)
The Value of Business Intelligence (New Management, 1983)
Kanban to Kanbrain (Forbes ASAP, 1994)
How Hypermation Leaps the Learning Curve (Forbes ASAP, 1993)
Learning Our Lesson - Why School Is Out (The Futurist Mar-Apr 1986)
The Learning Enterprise
TECHNOS Interview of Lewis J. Perelman (Fall 1997)
Toward Human-Centered Innovation
Barnstorming With Lewis Perelman
The Virtual University
The "Acanemia" Deception (Hudson Institute, 1990)
School's Out (WIRED 1.01, 1993)
The Collaboration Wave
Human Capital Investment for State Economic Development (Western Governors Assoc., 1988)
Closing Education's Technology Gap (Hudson Institute, 1989)
Opportunity Cost (WIRED, Nov 1996)
The Parable of Scubation (1994)
The Learning Revolution (1993)
The American Learning Enterprise in Transition (OECD 1989)