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palace of sargon
Questions to Dr Malachi z York El About the Beginning
Nuwbun Consciousness 1
Paa Ashutat-The Prayer
The Flame of Islam - Crusades
o Engano Do Evolucionismo
Arte e Ovni1
Charles Kingsley - Alexandria and Her Schools
People Of Ancient Assyria (Jorgen Laessoe)
Writing, Law, and Kingship in Old Babylonian Mesopotamia
Judaism and Baal Worship
Origins of War ; From the Stone Age to Alexander the Great
Story of the World Volume 2
Chapter 1 - Peopling the Earth
Chapter 4 - The First Empires
The Meso-American Civilization
Vedic Religion in Ancient Iran
Archaeometry of Pre-Columbian Sites and Artifacts
Los Grandes Enigmas Larousse
Native American Mythology a to Z, 2nd Edition
Maya Astronomy
American Mythology
South and Meso-American Mythology a to Z (Second Edition)
Karl Taube - Aztec and Maya Myths (1993)
The Incredible Mystery of Tihuanaco
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