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simulacra and simulation
Appadurai - Modernity at Large - Cultural Dimensions of Globalization
Art and Social CHange a Critical Reader
Daston Galison the Image of Objectivity
Heidegger-The Age of the World-picture
Perkins, D. N. Las Obras de La Mente.1981
"De la pintura de historia a la crónica social", por José Álvarez
Aby Harry Berger Fictions Of the Pose. Facing the Gaze in Early Modern Portraiture. Representations Magazine
Bronislaw Baczko - Imaginação Social
From Wagner to Virtual Reality. Randall L. Packer
48508627 Gramophone Film Typewriter Friedrich a Kittler
Buck Morss Susan - Origen de La Dialectic A Negativa
kandinsky concerning the spiritual in art
Stiegler, Bernard - Technics and Time 1