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Henrietta Cordelia Ray--Sonnets (1893)
Myra Viola Wilds--Thoughts of Idle Hours (1915)
Maggie Pogue Johnson--Thoughts for Idle Hours (1915)
Clara Ann Thompson--Songs From the Wayside (1908)
Carrie Williams Clifford--The Widening Light (1922)
Carrie Williams Clifford--Race Rhymes (1911)
Georgia Douglas Camp Johnson--The Heart of a Woman, And Other Poems (1918)
Priscilla Jane Thompson--Gleanings of Quiet Hours (1907)
Priscilla Jane Thompson--Ethiope Lays (1900)
Mary Weston Fordham-Magnolia Leaves (1897)
Charlotte E. Linden--Scraps of Time--Autobiography and Poems (1907)
Effie Waller Smith--Rosemary and Pansies (1909)
Carrie Law Morgan Figgs--Nuggets of Gold (1921)