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Prosenjit Sanjay Kumar Press releases
Rhubarb Crumble recipe
Live cooking at Greenbank Hotel for Sanjays kitchen 2009
Masala Dusted Halibut recipe
Executive Summary Prosenjit Kumar
My Food Pilgrimage 2010(2)
Mission Statement 2010
Catch of Our Days..a Slow Reminsicence of Slow Fish 2011
Flavours of Life..Cultivating a Seventh Sense for Cornish Food
Via Cornwall Taste the Thunder,Savour the Lightning
BBC Radio4 Covers Sanjay and Sardines
Eden Harvest Festival and Souced Pilchads Sardines and Sanjay
Happy Scrowling as in Www.thisisdevon.co.Uk About Sanjay and Sardine
Saffronbunny.wordpress.com Talks Sardines and Sanjay
Slow Fish in Genoa Press Release Abour Sanjay Kumar
This Fish Covers Sanjay and Sardines
Through the Gaps Covers Sardine and Sanjaykumar 2011
Transition Falmouth Speech on Energy Efficiency
Cooking Up Stories With Sardines in Cornwall
Masala Devilled Sardine With Tomato and Rhubarb Chutney
Scrowling Pilchards 2012
Fishy Recipe Treats From www.sanjayskitchen.co.uk