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International Experts’ Meeting on Reactor and Spent Fuel Safety in the Light of the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant - Programme
List of Participants International Experts' Meeting
DDG Flory Opening Remarks
Chairman's Summary
NEA Response to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident, Luis Echávarri, Deputy Director General, OECD - NEA
Causes and Countermeasures, Masaya Yasui, Deputy Director General, Nuclear Safety Regulation Reform, METI
Prevention and Mitigation — Equal Priorities; Prof. Vladimir Asmolov, WANO President
Strenghtening Nuclear Safety in Canada - Ramzi Jamal, CNSC
US Industry Response (W. Webster)
Schimpfke First Recommendations and Research Needs
European Union Response to Fukushima
OECD/ NEA Technical Assessments and Nuclear Safety Research
Lessons Learned from the Accident - A.V. Shutikov
Focusing on Fukushima Daiichi Deficiencies - A.J. Gonzales, Argentina
U.S. NRC Fukushima Lessons Learned - Borchardt
Ageing Management for Long Term Operation of Spent Fuel Facilities - Versaci Argentina
Nuclear Fuel Storage in the United States - Tropasso IAEA Presentation
Properties and Behaviour of Irradiated Fuel Under Accident Conditions - Rondinella
Spent Fuel Pool Safety and Performance; Chan Young Paik
Spent Fuel Storage System Management Matkovic
Komarov -Experience in Handling SNF
Gavrilov Safety of SNF Wet and Dry Storage Facilities
Elbaz - IRSN Approach to Safety of SNF storage pools after Fukushima
Rethinking Used Fuel Management-France-M Chiguer; AREVA
Abe; Jnes - Spent Fuel pools - Facts, Actions Taken and Issues
The Facts in the Recovery Process of Fukushima Nuclear Accident (Kawano)
Zinchenko Safety Improvements of Ukrainian NPPs
Vayssier - Present Day EOPs and SAMG-Where to Go
Rempe - Possible Reactor Safety Enhancements from Sample Examination
Pietrangelo Integrated Safety-Focused Approach to Implementing Fukushima Lessons Learned
Menage - Stress Tests Methodology
Post Fukushima Nuclear Safety Actions (Jeyang)
New Approaches to Prevention and Mitigation of Severe Accidents in the Light of Fukushima -Kopytov
Demarkar - Strenghtening Nuclear Safety in Canada - Post Fukushima Strategies
D.Popov-Prevention of Early Containment Meth-Through During Severe Accident of Light Water Reactor
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