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Bernauer, Powell (2010) Data Mining of both Right and Wrong Answers from a Mathematics and a Science M/C Test given Collectively to 11,228 Students from India [1] in years 4, 6 and 8
Powell (1977) The Developmental Sequence of Cognition as Revealed by Wrong Answers
Powell, Bernauer, Agnihotri (2010) Learning From Incorrect Answers
Powell, Powell (2010) Challenging the Equivalency Assumption
Powell (2011) Observing Cognition From Unacceptable Answers
Powell (2010) Chapter 3 Testing as Feedback to Inform Teaching
POWELL (2010) Testing as Feedback; Using
Powell (2010) Testing as Feedback to Inform Teaching
Powell, Clapp (2009) Using Large-Scale Testing Diagnostically
Shklov, Powell (2001) a Frequency Table Analytical Approach to Observational Data
SHKLOV, POWELL (2001) a Non-Linear Analytical Approach to Single Cells
Powell, Clapp (1999) Discovering and Releasing Latent Human Potential
Shklov, Powell (1999) a Non-Linear Analytical Approach to Observational Data
Powell (1996) CV
Powell, Shklov (1995) Significance of Individual Cells in a Frequency Matrix Under the Multinomial Assumption
Shklov, Powell (1988) Distributional Bases for Individual Cell Significance Tests
Powell (1987) the Exploratory Loop a Manual 2nd Ed
Powell, Shklov (1984) Further Developments With The SETE Unit
Powell (1980) Patterns of Change Among Answer Selections
Powell (1980) the End of an Era Requiem for the Glm
Wearne, Powell, Reimer (1979) Patterns of Work Values Held by Secondary School Girls
Powell (1979) Can Developmental Status Information Be Obtained From Wrong Answers
Powell (1978) Guidebook to the Teaching Performance Survey Eti
Powell () the Role of Wrong Answers in Learning Dynamics
Wearne, Powell () Exploring 4 Between Group Differences
Powell () Primary Division Free Reading Kit No. p1 Level 1
Powell () Constructing and Scoring Multiple-Choice Tests
Powell () What Are Tests Measuring?
Toward the Application of the Constructionist Philosophy to Educational
That Precious Moment
Teaching is What You Get Learners to Do
Listening Skills - Following Directions
Powell () Attitude Change