6th European Patients' Rights Day

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All the presentations and researches presented during the Sixth European Patients' Rights Day, promoted by Active Citizenship Network, held in Brussels on 15th and 16th of May, 2012.
"Active Ageing citizens at the center of EU health policy" is the name of the event. If you want to read more, click on

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6th European Patients Rights Day - Final highlights and summary, Francesca Moccia
6th European Patients Rights Day - One-page workshop groups reccomandations
6th European Patients' Rights Day - Final workshops results
6th European Patients' Rights Day - Mariella Ursini, Umbria Region, Italy
6th Patients' Rights Day - Tatiana Nunes, Alzheimer Portugal
6th Patients' Rights Day - Amanda Worpole, European Federation of Neurological Associations
6th Patients' Rights Day - Alexander Roediger, Director of European Union Affairs of MSD
6th European Patients' Rights Day - A. Nalli document on Workshop groups and objectives15 May2012
Wilbrink Nynke, CSO, Nederlands Presentation of Best Practice for Active Aging - 6th Patients Rights Day
Ilieva Alzheimer Bulgaria Association - European Patients' Rights Day
6th Patients' Rights Day - Sue Warr, Dorset County Council, UK
Birgit Beger Standing Commitee of European Doctors - European Patients' Rights Day - 15-16 May 2012
Francesca Cerreta, European Medicines Agency Patients Rights Day May 2012
Mary Bolger, Alzheimer Society of Ireland - 6th Patient's Rights Day
6th European Patients' Rights Day - Joop van Griensven, Pain Alliance Europe
6th Patients' Rights Day - Adrian Bawtree
6th European Patients' Rights Day - T. Petrangolini