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William F. Zachmann
20130923 North Hill Order
20130913 Desmond Memorandum of Decision and Order on Defendants Post Trial Motions
Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 30b - Manual
William F. Zachmann
MGL Ch. 30B, Section 6
William F. Zachmann
MGL Ch. 93A, Section 11
William F. Zachmann
19960111 Bowman v. Drewrey
Johnson Golf v. City of Beverly - 2000
19981221 North Hill 1998 Contract With Johnson Golf Management
20040101 Doyle Letter to Selectmen
20040106 Doolin Letter to Selectmen
William F. Zachmann
20040124 Golfers Teed Off
William F. Zachmann
20081000 RFP I October 2008
20081022 Daley Stiles RFP I Proposal
20081023 Calm Golf RFP I Proposal
20081023 Eagles Nest RFP I Propoosal
20081023 Gunnerson RFP I Proposal
20081024 Johnson RFP I Price Bid
William F. Zachmann
20081201 Troy Email and Memo
20081208 Follansbee FOIA Request to Duxbury
20081209 Follansbee Fax to IG
20081229 Court HearingTranscript
20090100 RFP Comparison FLAT Payment
William F. Zachmann
20090108 RFP II January 2010
20090109 Calm Golf RFP II Proposal
20090109 Johnson Golf RFP II Proposal
20090115 MacDonald Decision on RFP II
20090116 Follansbee Letter to Troy Re Settlement
William F. Zachmann
20090120 Amended Complaint
20090120 Doug Johnson Affidavit
20090127 Calm Golf Objection to Preliminary Injunction
20090127 Transcript of Hearing on Preliminary Injunction
20090128 Affidavit of Steven Follansbee
20090202 Judge Smith Decision on Preliminary Injunction
20090206 Follansbee Letter to IG
20090400 Johnson Golf to BOS Re Liquor License
20090403 Golf Course Liquor License Approval
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