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3999telecon With Major General Scowcroft Secretary Kissinger at 4_55 0000c8f0
4000telecon With Lord Cromer - Secretary Kissinger at 4_30 p.m. 0000c8ee
3001telecon With Secretary Kissinger Prime Minister Ecevit at 10_40 a.m. 0000ca1d
3002telecon With Secretary Kissinger General Haig at 11_20 a.m. 0000ca1c
3003telecon With Jim Callaghan Hak at 7_32 p.m. 0000ca89
3004telecon With President Secretary Kissinger at 1_15 p.m. 0000ca88
3005telecon With Ingersoll Hak at 9_30 a.m. 0000ca87
3006telecon With Taska 'Greek Officials' Sec Kissinger at 5_00 p.m. 0000ca29
3007telecon With Mccloskey Hak Buffum at 1_45 p.m. 0000ca1b
3008telecon With Mccone Hak at 1_31 p.m. 0000ca1a
3009telecon With Ingersoll Hak at 1_30 p.m. 0000ca19
3010telecon With Secretary Kissinger s m 0000ca18
3011telecon With Joseph Sisco Secretary Kissinger at 12_45 p.m. 0000ca17
3012telecon With Ingersoll Buffum Hak at 11_20 a.m. 0000ca16
3013telecon With Ingersoll Hak at 10_15 a.m. 0000ca15
3014telecon With Ingersoll Hak at 9_55 a.m. 0000ca14
3015telecon With Ambassador Ramsbotham at 2_05 p.m. 0000d6c0
3016telecon With Mccloskey Stabler Ingersoll Kissinger at 5_05 p.m. 0000d20c
3017telecon With Ingersoll Mccloskey Stabler Kissinger at 2_50 p.m. 0000d20b
3018telecon With Robert Mccloskey Ingersoll Stabler Kissinger at 11_50 a.m. 0000d20a
3019telecon With Secretary Kissinger - Amb. Mccloskey at 12_45 p.m. 0000cf49
3020telecon With Mccloskey at 2_30 p.m. 0000caa6
3021telecon With Callahan at 10_15 p.m. 0000caa5
3022telecon With Mccloskey at 9_55 p.m. 0000caa4
3023telecon With Robert Mccloskey at 11_50 a.m. 0000ca97
3024telecon With President Kissinger at 10_06 p.m. 0000ca86
3025telecon With Secretary Kissinger Secretary Schlesinger at 9_45 p.m. 0000ca85
3026telecon With Senator Humphrey Secretary Kissinger at 9_20 p.m. 0000ca84
3027telecon With Secretary Kissinger Mr.stabler Sec Ingersoll at 8_50 p.m. 0000ca83
3028telecon With Hak President at 8_00 p.m. 0000ca82
3029telecon With Ingersoll Mccloskey Stabler Hak at 7_30 p.m. 0000ca81
3030telecon With Fullbright Hak at 4_47 p.m. 0000ca80
3031telecon With Senator Mansfield Secretary Kissinger at 1_15 p.m. 0000ca7e
3032telecon With Secretary Kissinger Amb Mccloskey at 12_45 p.m. 0000ca7d
3033telecon With Secretary Kissinger Ambassador Ingersoll at 12_05 p.m. 0000ca7c
3034telecon With Secretary Kissinger, Robert Mccloskey, Robert Ingersoll, Mr. Stabler at 11_35 a.m. 0000ca7a
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