Cohort 3

15 books hand-picked by Classroom 2.0 Book

The third round of submissions to the Classroom 2.0 Book Project.

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Alfonso Gonzalez - Project-Based Learning
Classroom 2.0 Book
Alisa Wright - Studucate
Diane Paravazian and Gina Marandino - Virtual Travel
Erin Klein - A Smooth Transition Into Flip
Goran Brkovic - YouTube for Teaching Piano Accompaniment
Jan Herder - Flipping the Facility
Karen Giesler and Samantha Anth - Archaeology
Kathleen Gradel - Teaching UDL
Lucian Duma - Curation Restart Education Project
Maja Dakic-Brkovic - Piano Lessons
Melda Yildiz - Global Kitchen Project
Michael Waiksnis - Your School Whose Story
Rachel Rueckert - Benefits of Academic Blogging.pdf
Sara Hassan Kate Gatto and Katherine Walraven - TIGed
Veronica Woo - Internationalism