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Propaganda Hunter
CBR Beats FAA Charges
Propaganda Hunter
Kitsap Fire and Rescue
Northland Cbr Press Release
Trinity Bible Methodist Church Memo on Roe Versus Wade (from noabortion.org website internal)
First Amendment Memorandum
Letter to Pastor Warren (militant prolife propaganda)
Saddleback Progress Report (prolife propaganda)
Propaganda Hunter
WY Watch Complaint
Letter to the University of Kentucky
Letter to Wisconsin Department of Justice
Response to Operation Rescue Press Release Dated July 14, 2008
Confirmation of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to be Secretary of Health and Human Services
Letter from Steve Story, Accounty Attorney, Iowa
Prolifedallas Dot Com (Prolife Organizing)
The Pro-Life Reporter (Antiabortion & Anti-Contraceptive Propaganda circa 1977)
Catholic Relief Services Forms Partnership with Death Peddlers (Antiabortion Propaganda)
Prolife Reporter Part 2 (Circa 1977, Prolife Propaganda)
A Federal Prescription for Parendectomy? (Prolife Militant Propaganda)
Los Supermachos vs the Ignorance in Mexico (Militant Prolife Propaganda)
PP Defilement Education Secures Abortion (Prolife Propaganda)
First Judicial District of Pennsylvania Criminal Trial Division
OpenLetter Terry for President Dot Com (Florida)