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Igor Akimushkin – The Dog Family
Kornei Chukovsky - Cock-the-Roach
The Football Stars - A Cartoon Books
The Little Racoon - A Cartoon Book
The Kingdom of False Mirrors - A Cartoon Book
The Girl and the Bear - A Cartoon Book
A True Means - A Cartoon Book
Anatoly Rogov – The Toy Village
We Play. A Shadow Theatre
Ludmila Podyavorinskaya - The Auntie Owl
Teddy Plushik And His Friends
Plums for Dust. A Bulgarian Tale
Charles Perrault - The Blue Beard
Radoj Kirov – The Sun in the Basket
The Adventures of Simba the Wild Cat
Miroslav Valek – The Wisemen From Tramtaria
The Little Klas
Fran Levstik – Who Sow a Shirt for Vitek
Charles Perrault - The Little Red Riding Hood
Charles Perrault - The Puss In the Boots
Sara Eshron – How to Find a Friend
Charles Perrault - Cinderella
Mergen and His Friends - A Nanai Tale
Sun Sat Down to Sew Shirt
Magic Brush - A Colouring Album
Silvia Valala - Ussike's Seven Friends
Pavel Bazhov - A Silver Hoof
Silva Kaputikyan - The First Step
Leo Tolstoy - The Three Bears
Sergei Mikhalkov - The Three Piglets
A Gingerbread House. A Russian Fairy Tale
Kornei Chukovsky - The Stolen Sun
Samuil Marchak - Petits d'animaux derriere les barreaux
Kornei Chukovsky - Cat and Mouse
The Grimm Brothers - Belyanochka and Rosochka
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