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"Surveillance Caricatures"
Fallen Angel
"Prisoners of Love" Storyboard
Aladdin - Legacy of the Lost Issue #2
"Moppy Dearest" Storyboard
"The Frosty Bus" Storyboard
"Jingle Fever" Storyboard
"Slumber Party Slaughter" Storyboard
"Adventure Time" Main Title v1.0
"Fangboy" Storyboard
"Precious Pig" Storyboard
"City of Thieves" Storyboard
"Chicken Pox" Storyboard
"Fanboy A'Hoy" Animatic Draft
"Night Morning" Storyboard
"What is Life?" Storyboard
The MLaaTR Sketchbook by the artists from My Life as a Teenage Robot
Best Friend Storyboard
Beowulf Comic
WWII 1943 Marine Corps Comic Book
Weird Tales of the Ramones
VIETNAMERICA by GB TRAN, Preview Spreads
God is in the Water
StrayLines Digital Sampler
New Ghostbusters Exclusive Preview
"Prank Master" Storyboard
"Fanboyfriend" Storyboard
"Dungeon Masters" Storyboard
Buddy Buccaneer
Superman Issue 13 Exclusive Preview