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The crisis and national labour law reforms
European labour law and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
Collective bargaining responses to the economic crisis in Europe
Why trade unions seek to coordinate wages and collective bargaining in the Eurozone
Sustaining or abandoning ‘social peace’?
The public sector in the crisis
Government and trade union responses to the economic crisis in the financial sector
A quantum of solace? An assessment of fiscal stimulus packages by EU Member States in response to the economic crisis
Plant-level responses to the economic crisis in Europe
Intra-EU labour migration after Eastern enlargement and during the crisis
The new European economic governance
European labour market policies in (the) crisis
The reform of the EU’s public procurement directives
What did they expect? Lessons for Europe from a retrospective ex-ante evaluation of the first Greek bail-out programme
Occupations and ageing at work. An analysis of the findings of the fifth European Working Conditions Survey
Work less to pollute less? What contribution can or must working time reduction play in reducing carbon emissions?
Job quality in the crisis - an update of the Job Quality Index (JQI)
Has the economic crisis contributed to more segmentation in labour market and welfare outcomes?
The impact of the crisis on earnings and income distribution in the EU
Financing social security – business as usual?
The economic crisis – challenge or opportunity for gender equality in social policy outcomes?
Changes in political discourse from the Lisbon Strategy to Europe 2020
The EU approach to regulating nanotechnology
How do institutions affect the labour market adjustment to the economic crisis in different EU countries?
Wages in the crisis
Following the 'organising model' of British unions?
After Lisbon - Social Europe at the crossroads?
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