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SMC Harbor Commission "lost at sea"
Review of Fish Buying Lease, Fees and Fee Enforcement
Morning Star Fee Worksheets April-Sept 2013
Morning Star Transactions April-Sept 2013
"Fish Research" Emails
Del Mar Seafood, Inc LETTER
HMB Seafood Marketing Association LETTER
Fish Landing Receipt
Commercial Fishing License Guide 2013-2
Sewage Leak Pillar Point Harbor - HMB Review
Harbor Commissioner Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement
Harbor Commissioner Embezzled Over $100,000.
Donald Sherer, SMC Harbor Commissioner, Embezzlement Charges (2 pages)
Oxnard Harbor Squid Offloading Tariff
Lease Proposals for Fish Buying Item 4 & 5 - April 18,2012
Lease Proposals for Fish Buying Item 2 June 6, 2012
Lease Proposals for Fish Buying Item 6 May 2, 2012
Morningstar 2002 Assignment of Lease
H & N Fish Company Assignment of Lease
Morningstar 1992 Lease
Morningstar 2013 Lease