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Soviet Report - The Truth About Katyn - Report of Special Commission for Ascertaining and Investigating the Circumstances of the Shooting of Polish Officer Prisoners by the German-Fascist Invaders in the Katyn Forest
Amtliches Material Zum Massenmord Von Winniza, 1944
I Russi e Katyn, oggi
Katyn, una verità storica negata - La perizia di Vincenzo Maria Palmieri
Risultati dell’inchiesta nella foresta di Katyń (1943) Vittorio Maria Palmieri
Embassy of the United States of America - Moscow, 02 23 1944
Auswaertiges Amt - Amtliches Material Zum Massenmord Von Katyn (1943)
1952 Madden Report (Original)
Madden Report
Berya's letter to Stalin, March 1940 - Lettera di Berya a Stalin, Marzo 1940