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The Vatican in World Politics
Gültekin ÖNCÜ
The Turks and Europe
Документи за Македонската историја
Macedonian Language and Nationalism During the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries.
Risto Stefov - Macedonia - What Went Wrong in the Last 200 Years
The Human Rights of Muslims in Bulgaria in Law and Politics since 1878
Nations and States in Southeast Europe
Nation War in the Balkans 1991 2002
Macedonia - A Greek Term in Modern Usage (Museum of the Macedonian Struggle)
Ali Eminov Turks and Tatars in Bulgaria and the Balkans
Vryonis s. - Greek Identity in the Middle Ages
[Shaw][1976][BO][C] History Ottoman Empire Modern Turkey 1280 1808
Baker (Ed) - Relations Between East and West in the Middle Ages