Dave Weigel

Rick Perry Indictment
Perlstein response to CPS
CPS Letter to Simon & Schuster 7-28-14
CPS Letter to Simon & Schuster 7-25-14
NSA Draft Agreed Settlement Order
Patrick Cannon Complaint
2014 POTUS Directive on NSA
Americans for Reform talking points
Dave Weigel
USA Freedom Act
IRS February emails 1
Dave Weigel
June 2012 emails
Subcommittee Memo on Offshore Profit Shifting Apple
IRS Request for More Information - Progress Texas, Feb 2012
AIG aduit of IRS abuses
San Fernando Valley Ltr From IRS
Hawaii Irs Response
Bill Text - The Taxpayer Nondiscrimination and Protection Act of 2013
Dave Weigel
Grassley Cruz
RNC Growth Opportunity Book 2013
Inhofe Toomey Sequester Flexibility
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