Court Order Re- Comprehensive Magnet Plan
AFSC Kingman Assessment
Tucson's 240th Birthday Ceremony
9th Circuit Decision 07-07-2015
Mesa Superintendent Contract 2014-17
Sanchez New Contract 2015-18, As Executed
Constituent Letter June28 2015
1 20 15 BAI11(l) BookOrder EnglishAndSocialStudiesCourses 1
1 20 15 BAI11(m) BookOrder EnglishAndSocialStudiesCourses 1
Constituent Letter Jan6 2015 -- ADE's Noncompliance Letter, Drug Rehab. Facility Blocked
Sanchez Response to ADE Letter 12-3-2014
ADE Letter to TUSD 11-20-2014
ADE Notice of Noncompliance 1-2-2015
Ninth Circuit Ruling on Az Intervention
14-15204_Ninth Circuit Denies TUSD Appeal Re District Court Rulings
Romero & Sanchez - NAME published paper
El Rio - GCU rulling
Grijalva investments
TUSD takes Special Master to Ninth Court
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