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This method retrieves a list of documents in a given collection.


api_keystring(required)API key assigned to your account.
api_sigstring(optional)MD5 hash of the active request and your secret key. This is an optional security measure. See the signing documentation for more info.
session_keystring(optional)A session key for a signed in user. If this parameter is provided, your application will carry out actions on behalf of the signed in user corresponding to the session key. Otherwise, your application will carry out actions on behalf of the user account associated with the API account. See the authentication documentation for more information
my_user_idstring(optional)This parameter is intended for sites with their own user authentication system. You can create phantom Scribd accounts that correspond to your users by simply passing the unique identifier you use to identify your own user accounts to my_user_id. If you pass this parameter to an API method, the API will act as if it were executed by the phantom user corresponding to my_user_id. See the authentication documentation for more information.
collection_idinteger(required)The id of the collection. This can be obtained with a call to docs.getCollections.
limitinteger(optional)The number of documents to return. You can paginate through the full list using the limit and offset parameters. The maximum limit is 1000.
offsetinteger(optional)The offset into the list of documents. You can paginate through the full list using the limit and offset parameters.

Sample return XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><rsp stat="ok"><result_set list="true" totalResultsAvailable="922" totalResultsReturned="2" firstResultPosition="1"><result><title><![CDATA[Ruby on Java]]></title><description><![CDATA[Ruby On Java, Barcamp, Washington DC]]></description><access_key>key-t3q5qujoj525yun8gf7</access_key><doc_id>244565</doc_id><page_count>10</page_count><download_formats></download_formats><when_uploaded>2016-05-24T03:11:17+00:00</when_uploaded><when_updated>2017-04-24T03:11:17+00:00</when_updated></result><result><title><![CDATA[Ruby on Java Part II]]></title><description><![CDATA[Ruby On Java Part II, Barcamp, Washington DC]]></description><access_key>key-2b3udhalycthsm91d1ps</access_key><doc_id>244567</doc_id><page_count>12</page_count><download_formats>pdf,txt</download_formats></result></result_set></rsp>

Result explanation

result_setlistThis contains the list of results returned by the search query. This has the following attributes. totalResultsAvailable: The number of query matches in the database. totalResultsReturned: The number of query matches returned. This may be lower than the number of results requested if there were fewer total results available. firstResultPosition: The position of the first result in the overall search.
resultlistContains each individual result
doc_idintegerEvery document on Scribd has a unique document ID. You can use this ID to link to the document, among other things.
secret_passwordstringThe secret password allows access to the Scribd pages for private documents. This parameter will only be provided if scope is set to "user" and the given document is actually private
access_keystringThe access_key allows you to embed a document on an external site.
descriptionstringThe document description.
tagsstringComma separated list of tags for the document
license["by", "by-nc", "by-nc-nd", "by-nc-sa", "by-nd", "by-sa", "c", "pd"]See Wikipedia:Creative_Commons_License. "c" is traditional copyright. "pd" is public domain.
thumbnail_urlURLLink to a JPG that contains a thumbnail of the document. This can be used to make search results more presentable. Do not cache thumbnail URLs - they are subject to change.
page_countintegerThe number of pages in the document
download_formatslistList of downloadable extensions.
pricefloat (9.99)The price at which the document is sold. Only available on store documents.
readsintegerNumber of reads.
uploaded_bystringThe username of the user who uploaded this document.
uploader_idstringThe user id of the user who uploaded this document.
when_uploadeddatetimeThe date the document was originally uploaded
when_updateddatetimeThe date this document was last updated

Error codes

500Internal Server Error. Scribd has been notified about this problem.
601Required parameter missing
650Invalid parameter value
661You can't access the contents of a private collection that belongs to another account

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