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This method updates a new collection's name, description or privacy_type. Will return an OK response collection_id and changed attributes and their corresponding values.


collection_idinteger(required)The id of the collection.
namestring(optional)The name of the collection. When present, it cannot be blank or a string containing only whitespaces.
descriptionstring(optional)The description of the collection.
privacy_typestring(optional)This specifies the privacy type of the collection. This value can either be "public" or "private".
api_keystring(required)API key assigned to your account.
api_sigstring(optional)MD5 hash of the active request and your secret key. This is an optional security measure. See the signing documentation for more info.

Sample return XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><rsp stat="ok"><collection_id>61</collection_id><changed><name>New Collection Name</name><description>New collection description</description></changed></rsp>

Error codes

500Internal Server Error. Scribd has been notified about this problem.
650Invalid parameter value
665Collection cannot be public because it contains one or more private documents

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