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This method allows your API application to sign in as an existing Scribd user, executing methods as that user.


usernamestring(required)The username of the user to login. The API actually handles this parameter flexibly, and will accept an email address instead of a username.
passwordstring(required)The password for the user account
api_keystring(required)API key assigned to your account.
api_sigstring(optional)MD5 hash of the active request and your secret key. This is an optional security measure. See the signing documentation for more info.

Sample return XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><rsp stat="ok"><session_key>sess-lzkme201lzm12xc</session_key><user_id>31415</user_id><username>emc2</username><name>Albert Einstein</name></rsp>

Result explanation

session_keystringThe session_key is a string uniquely associated with this user and your API account. You can use the session key with most of the methods of the API to upload, delete, etc. documents as the user you signed in as.
namestringThe name of the user who just got signed in
usernamestringThe username of the user who just got signed in
user_idintegerEvery user on Scribd has a user ID. You can use this user ID to link to the profile of a user or for a number of other pages on Scribd which take it as a parameter.

Error codes

500Internal Server Error. Scribd has been notified about this problem.
601Required parameter missing
613Login failed

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