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Briefing for MPs on Intellectual Property
Consumer Focus and NEN Exec Summary Learning the Copyright Lessons
Consumer Focus Briefing on Hargreaves Minimum Standards for Collecting Societies
Consumer Focus Briefing on Hargreaves Exceptions
Deappg Bulletin 12
Three Brief Spring 2011
3 .co.uk Spectrum Briefing
Deappg Bulletin 11
Consumer Focus Submission to Ofcom Web Blocking Technical Feasability Assessment
Briefing for the Digital Economy All Party Parliamentary Group Event on Net Neutrality Opportunities and Challenges
51217629 LSE MPPbrief1 Creative Destruction and Copyright Protection
Executive Summary_English
DEAPPG Open Internet Briefing
DEAPPG Open Internet briefing
The Speculative Invoicing Handbook - first edition (2)
Deappg Bulletin 10
Consumer Focus Time to Change the Tune
Deappg Bulletin 9
Consumer Focus Options, Fair Use Rights in UK Copyright Law
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